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Hi all, Just passing on information about some instruments for sale. Wael is the musical director of the Kan Zaman ensemble in LA, and I consider him to be a reputable source ...

Traditional Arabic Musical Instruments for sale

Qanun / Kanoon (2): trapezoid zither / dulcimer
Oud (4): fretless Arabic lute
Buzuq (1): long neck lute
Riqq (1): tambourine
Mizmar / Zorna (2): Oboe like instrument
3 copies of “min kinuzina” (our musical treasures) music literature and score of 10s of sama’is and muwashshahat (in Arabic)

If you’re interested, please email Wael at
Or leave a message at the voice mail: 626-432-8235

I can email photos, sound clips and prices.
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